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Video crafted for the Town of Uxbridge to promote renowned author of “Anne of Green Gables” as she did much of writing in the town of Leaskdale, which is now part of Uxbridge.

Given the assignment to capture an actress/model of Lucy Maude on location, Barry got straight to work. The client gave him a shot list for the Lucy Maude tour. Prior to any shooting, he did a location scout to ensure best results.


Barry recommended some props and lighting which he and the client agreed upon. On the day of the shoot, Barry set up all of the lighting equipment as well as the props to ensure a smooth day of capturing content.


One of the most important aspects of a shoot for Barry is in working with the model. He takes the time to thoroughly explain his vision and what he is looking to capture of the character they are portraying. It's no small feat to take on an entirely new personality and so Barry ensures that trust has been established before any photos or video are captured.


Then, it's go time! Barry works efficiently to ensure all captures from the shot list are accounted for. While it isn't always the case, this project required shoots in multiple locations with a variety of lighting conditions which he swifty adjusted for.


Barry then reviews everything in post-production and makes any necessary alterations. For this campaign, some edits were needed to ensure the content would work both digitally on the website and for social media as well as in print. Upon completion, all elements from the finished product were given to the Town of Uxbridge for them to use as they see fit!

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